Mark Perkinson
Team Leader


Our Training, Time Study, and Compliance (TTC) Team consists of experienced project managers, certified trainers, time study analysts, and compliance specialists who focus their plan and efforts to provide effective support. Training is key to accuracy and success. Our trainers will create a long-term training plan to effectively maintain claiming success for our clients.

The TTC Team also employs comprehensive quality assurance methods to ensure accuracy of the time study. The time study will be continuously monitored and reviewed in order to ensure all submissions are accurate and processed in compliance with all state and federal requirements.

JBI’s TTC Team also utilizes an on-going audit and compliance program that ensures that our clients consistently uphold the claiming standards set by the State and Federal Government guidelines. Consistent documentation reviews ensure appropriate documentation is in place prior to processing and submitting reimbursement claims.

Mark Perkinson's TTC Team administers the following Program Components:

  • Title IV-E Administrative Training 
  • Title IV-E Administrative Compliance 
  • Title IV-E Administrative Time Study