Alex Brewer
Executive Vice President

Mr. Brewer was co-founder of JBI, LTD in 1997, and serves as Executive Vice President over Title IV-E Operations and manager of JBI's West Coast office. He has helped State and Local agencies recoup millions of dollars annually from the Federal Government since 1994. As the Project Leader of the team that developed the nationally recognized JBI RMS, Mr. Brewer oversaw both internal mechanics of the RMS to assure federal compliance, as well as the external features of convenience that makes JBI the standard bearer for RMS user friendliness.  Mr. Brewer often leads audits for both non-claiming clients looking for their potential reimbursement opportunities under Title IV-E, as well as current clients to maximize claiming, while assuring that all federal and state rules are being adhered to by local staff.  Mr. Brewer is currently overseeing over 100 IV-E Administrative Time Studies in seven states, and actively manages four teams to assure the valid, compliant completion of every quarterly time study. Aside from Title IV-E Administration, Mr. Brewer has experience in claiming Title XIX (Administrative and Direct), Title IV-E Maintenance, SSI, and a host of other federally reimbursable programs. Mr. Brewer earned a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from the Hankamer School of Business at Baylor University.