JBI provides comprehensive program support to ensure federal and state funding opportunities are accurately and consistently maximized.

Adequate training, efficient tools, and continued support are essentials for success! 

JBI will provide multi-leveled training and support to ensure three things:
(1) Job Efficiency (2) Program Integrity, and (3) Successful Results.


Training Schedule

Set to accommodate convenient date(s), location(s), staff size, and availability.

Training Topics

Program Training

Time Study System Training

Time Code Training

Director and Supervisor Training

Cost Report System Training

Data Report Training

Training Types


Live Webinar

Recorded Webinar

Training Resources

Assigned Trainer/ Support

Training Manual

Phone and Email Help Desk

Through JBI’s years of expertise working on federal and state programs, we have come to understand the need for accurate, consistent, and well-documented reimbursement claims. JBI’s financial team works closely with agency financial staff to prepare claims. The financial support begins with review of documents and follows all the way through to claim submission and audits. JBI’s proprietary Web-Based Cost Reporting software makes it easy for agency staff to review claim results and access audit documents at any time.

Claim Support

Claim Preparation

Assigned Financial Associate

Review Financial Documents

Identify Reimbursable Costs

Review Claim Results with Agency

Identify Areas of Significant Change/Enhancement

Web-Based Cost Reporting System

Web-Based Software with Electronic Claim Compilation Capabilities

Automated Cost Allocation Methodologies

Built-in Quality Assurance Features

User Specific Permissions

Audit Documentation Reports

Financial Help Desk Support

Phone and Email Help Desk

JBI Financial Staff Support

Audit Support

Coordination of Documents

Advise on Audit Questions & Responses

Develop and Implement Continuous Improvement Plans, if needed